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Cooking Issues Cleaning Glass Ceramic Cooktops Recommendations:Clean your glass ceramic cooktop using the specially formulated cleaner recommended by the manufacturer before it is used for the first time. This will make future cleaning easier. Be sure cooking area & cookware bottoms are clean & dry before each use of the cooktop. Do not use abrasive powders or pads. These will damage the cooktop. For light to moderate soils  Apply cooktop cleaner with a non-abrasive20pad, paper towel, or clean cloth. Hand dishwashing detergent or baking soda may be used if the cooktop is rinsed thoroughly & dried completely afterwards. For heavy soil, metal markings, hard water stains  Apply cleanerusing a clean cloth or paper towel. Repeat process. Cover with a damp paper towel & let stand for thirty minutes. Rescrub with cooktop cleaner to remove remaining stains. The use of aluminum cookware will often result in the transfer of metal markings to the surface. These must be removed immediately after the cooktop is cool. If they are not immediately removed they may become permanent. For burned on, crusty soils  Hold a razor blade scraper at a 30 degree angle & very carefully scrape off the soil. Clean remaining soil with cooktop cleaner. It is very important to remove spills from foods with a high sugar content immediately from hot cooktop surfaces. Scrape from the hot surface using a razor blade held carefully with a potholder. If not removed permanent damage to the surface may occur. Clean residue with cooktop cleaner once the cooktop is cool.Tips to protect cooktop surface Do NOT use the cooktop as a work surface, cutting board, or for cooking food directly on the surface of the glass. Do NOT use glass, ceramic, earthenware, or glazed metal cookware with your cooktop. These can mark or etch the surface. A few moments of carelessness with a pot that overheats will often result in permanent damage to the glass20ceramic surface. Do NOT slide metal or glass items across cooking surface. These can damage the cooking surface.
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