Dryer Issues Long Dry TimesIf your dryer seems to take longer than you think it should to dry a load of clothes, here are some things you might keep in mind:Proper exhaust is crucial to the performance of the dryer. If the ducting behind the dryer is obstructed in any way, or if the outside wall cap is blocked, the dryer will not perform well.  A lint screen that is not clean will cause the same kind of problems as a blocked exhaust. Clean the lint filter before every load.  Do not over or underload the dryer. Too large a load will reduce air flow through thedrum & result in poor drying. Too small a load will often result in clothing clinging to one spot in the drum & uneven drying or excessive wrinkling. Overloading the dryer will significantly extend the amount of time required to dry the cl othes adequately. If the clothes coming from the washer are too wet, the time required to dry them in the dryer will be increased. Allow clothes to complete the spin cycle of the washer before transferring them to the dryer. If the dryer is located where room temperatures might be very low, the drying time required for each load will increase. There is a cool-down period at the end of each dry cycle, which provides tumbling without heat to minimize wrinkling. This period of tumbling without heat is built in to the timing functions of the dryer and may extend the amount of time needed to complete each dryer load.  It is important to set the dryer controls correctly. Low temperature settings such as Air Fluff and Permanent Press, while appropriate for certain fabrics, will result in very long dry times for heavy cotton loads. Check the Care & Use manual that came with your dryer for the best settings for each type of lint.J & B APPLIANCE SERVICES Dryer Issues Staining of Drum Occasionally items such as crayons, ink pens, or other articles may wind up in the dryer, with the result that the drum can accidentally be stained.Regardless of the source of the stain, here are some easy cleanup guidelines:First, remove as much of the stain as possible so that it does not transfer to other items. This can be done using common household cleaning agents such as 409 , Fantastik , Spray N Wash , Shout  or Bon Ami . After clean ing with one of these agents wipe the drum using a damp cloth to remove any chemical residue from the surface.  Next, tumble the dryer on a Regular heat setting for at least twenty minutes with a load of old rags which have been dampened. This removes any residue that might potentially rub off on future dryer loads. Stubborn stains which might already have been heat set into the finish of the drum may not be removed by using these steps. Though unsightly stains may remain after cleaning by this process, they will not transfer to future laundry loads or affect the performance of the dryer.