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 I will be doing the work on your Appliances personally. I service Leon, Wakulla, Gadsden & Jefferson Counties, Florida Service call charge is $75.00 for the first  1/2 hour which includes travel time, troubleshooting & labor. Most services done under $150.00. If you looking for commercial oven repair in Los Angeles you can follow to Ameripro Appliance Repair website and make an appointment.


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Laundry HE (High Efficiency) Detergents New front loading washing machines generally recommend the use of HE (high efficiency) detergents. There are import ant reasons to follow these recommendations, both for optimum cleaning results & for the protection of the machine itself.  Since front loadingmachines do not have an agitator, the laundry is tumbled in a drum, similar to how clothes are tumbled in a dryer. The tumbling action lifts the clothes, then drops them back into a shallow pool of detergent & water, providing the mechanical action needed for cleaning. However, this motion continually traps air, creating a higher level of suds than would typically develop in a top loading machine. Suds can become so excessive that they overflow the washer or interfere with the operation of the machine. While reducing the amount of detergent used would generally help to minimize this problem, using less detergent than is needed for load size, water hardness, and soil content generally results in poor cleaning results. Some new machines, such as the Maytag Neptunehave features built in to the engineering design to deal with excess sudsing. If the washer detects an oversuds condition it adds a shower of water to knock down the suds, followed by a partial drain. While this is a partial answer to the sudsing problem, it is still best if suds never get to an excessive level. For this reason, low sudsing detergents for front load washers have been developed. Brand names of these products include Tide HE  and Wisk HE  (High Efficiency). These detergents contain suds suppressors which reduce or elimina te suds. The usage recommendations are based on average water conditions. As with any detergent, if the water supply is harder than average, more detergent will be required to provide optimum cleaning results. Similarly, if water is soft, either naturally or because a mechanical softener has been used, less detergent will be needed.J & B Appliance Service