Refrigerator runs too often Refrigerator odor Refrigerator runs too often.This is a common problem with many different causes: poor seals around the door allowing cold air to escape, the interior light staying on when door is closed, or as a result of dirty condenser coils. However, it could also be normal operation, as modern refrigerators now operate approximately 75% of the time. If you are unsure, please consult  Me Refrigerator odor The majority of modern refrigerators have plastic liners which retain odors quite easily. To remove the offensive odor, first shut the refrigerator off, & remove any potentially moldy food items. Ensure that food is stored in proper freezer bags etc. Wash the interior of the refrigerator wi th warm soapy water with a lemon scent, or vanilla. After replacing food, if odor still remains, place a box of charcoal in the freezer & refrigerator to absorb the smell. Change it frequently until the odor is gone. Coffee grounds also work well to absorb smell (in open container or bag). These also must be replaced frequently until odor is gone. If after trying both of these the odor continues to linger, we recommend a product called Ozium Air Sanitizer or Kleen Air.  J & B Appliance Service   Order to maintain a frezzer in proper working order for the storage of Frozen food.
There should be 6 inch of clearance all the way around the frezzer. You will notice that on
some of the frezzer the outside gets warm to the touch. This is normal. If the Frezzer is located
in a garage in a hot climate you are making the frezzer work harder then normal because
of the extra heat in the garage. Every frezzer should be a least once a year completely
clean both inside & out. This holds true.  CALL J & B APPLIANCE SERVICES